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Marketing is so misunderstood.

When people ask what I do, occasionally I'll respond with the word “marketing”. I'm interested to see what their idea of marketing is. About 50% of the time, the person asks if I design websites or if I “do” social media.

If only marketing were that simple.

Did you know that marketing is technically the entire process (or set of activities) included in transferring goods or services from the seller to the buyer? The entire process. That includes the typical areas of advertising and sales but the process even extends to storage and shipping.

Because the definition of marketing covers so much territory, businesses tend to break the process into more manageable departments like sales, HR, events, IT, quality control and shipping/receiving. Making it easier to focus and perfect the process.

Small businesses don't always have the same resources and individuals must wear multiple hats. Sometimes it's hats that they don’t understand, know how to wear or even like wearing.

We developed the CREEDS Formula to help any business, of any size, focus their marketing into six key categories – clients, referrals, employees, events, daily identity and sales. Then we took those categories and developed a number of ideas and solutions to help get the job done.

Our mission is to help you continually achieve and accomplish more in these six categories. It is our goal to be your idea and solution headquarters for taking your business (and marketing) to the next level.

Sometimes that means focusing back on basic strategies and other times that means branching out to the outrageous or more unique.

Through everything we do we want to ignite your passion, people and profits.

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